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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Me and my room

it's been awhile, almost 3 days, my room was left to breath on its own.
i bet he is sure complaining he is suffocating under all the dust of Kampar,
trying to get away from all my beloved hair fallen from my head..sigh, becoming bald.

as u can see, ,my bed is messy, and my bear is left with his head facing down.
then there is my laundry waiting for me to put them into the washing machine,
with my table full with notes and newspapers.

it is just not me.
i love everything in order, clean and dust-free.

and this is me, still in the mood of cam-whoring,
and leave my room with untidy-ness.

still, i managed to captured from another angle.
trying hard to get my face slim,
in pictures~

blue as i was studying so hard the night before,
for a test,
to get unbar from a paper
Advanced PR Writing.


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