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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food IS ma' ultimate cure 2

A sudden decision to cure our hunger on one windy day.
Simple as it is to cheer up our confusing mood.

We stepped into Sushi King.
I wonder when the queen will appear next to it...still wondering

So, we sat and flipped the menu.
Gosh, they are using me without my consent on their menu, this is terrible!
Should I sue, or not? ^^

So we ordered a Don special, as it is giving a scoop of free ice-cream.
And we chose green tea flavor from vanilla.


Yummy as it is, with red bean paste and some whipped cream.
Not so but just enough sweet.

One of the plate that I took from the treadmill.
We took quite a lot and just keep dipping in wasabi that we forgot to snap.
Too hungry and they are just so attractive!


This is the Big-Appetite Monster!
She love sushi so much that she still craving for it even she is full.

This is the Rubbish Mouth that eat almost anything!
She does not like sushi, but still enjoy eating it.


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