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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fishy Journey 4.5

when the night is suppose to be my study night, stubborn me logged on to facebook which i promised to myself not to.
and it led me into discovering a blog, by a girl who love her boyfriend so much that she called him husband.

and the blog are in chinese, with google translator, it translated the whole blog into english. while i was reading, i discover that this husband of the girl, had passed away just days ago in a fatal accident in Klang.

without realizing my tears began to drop for non-stop when i read to that extent, and i continue to read the whole blog of hers.
the blog consists of posts of her memories with her husband and lots of cute and naive stories. i believe she is suffering now from this lost, as even i am one who are unrelated to them felt so sad after knowing their stories and ending.

it somehow made me to think, about some bad experiences in my life.
i did treated those who loved me so cruel, that i made them cried, and worried so much. foolish me, regretting is no use, but i have no courage to confront it as i am afraid.

i am sorry.
to who did cried and worried about me.
i am sorry.
for the mistakes i did and hurt U.


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