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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fishy Journey 4.5

Baby carrots and red apples that turned to be my lunch on one weird day.
That day I was so down with my weight on scale, so heavy.
And while looking to the mirror, arghh, so fat.

McDeluxe and apple pie delivery from a pretty classmate, Totoro Leow.
Order made a night before by Lavender.
Door step delivery made by Danielap.
Reheat by Encik Microwave bin Sharp.

Bak kut teh wit' rice that popped to ma' room one fine evening.
Special appearance made by ma' lovely housemate, Andrew a.k.a. 8po.

This bracelet came along just after the yummy bak kut teh.
Charming bracelet that traveled from Shanghai.
Bought and brought by cutie housemate, Jingy.


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