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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishy Journey 3.5

17th April 2010

the night me and lovely housemates went to campus.
we attended the
UTAR Perak Campus 1st Karaokay Competition 2010 Grand Final.

it is organized by Music Club with a nice theme, The Path of Dreamz.
the winner of the competition will earn a chance to have an EP album.

it was a long show as it began from 1800 until 2300 hours.
at first we enjoyed the show, but due to extreme long comments from the judges,
we began to feel frustrated.

and one judge, i declare she is a bit*h..
she criticized on the performance, skills are still okay..
but she said the contestant's tummy were too fat when she wear that apparel.

come one la, who are you to say that..
unless you look like tyra bank, or it is a model/ runway show..
but this is a karaoke competition hello!

pissed with her.

Thank God the contestant made it to final 5.
she is quite cute and her voice is sweet.

and this is me and my dear.
camwhoring before the show begins.

details of the show will be uploaded soon in another post.

soon, the show ended brilliantly.
hungry us quickly head to any restaurant that offers quick food with empty table.
that night was so happening at Kampar, surprisingly.

then this is where we landed.. GOLD LABEL.

~ the pandan chicken ~
~ the grilled chicken chop with hot sauce ~
~ lemon chrysanthemum ~
(fisha's recommendation)

this is fish.

this is pei suang.

this is yong yi.

this is winnie.

capturing them as i am bored and got nothing to do.

the street light, in a polygon shape.
never thought my 1.3 handphone camera got this function.

second shot.


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