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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fishy Journey 3

Life and beings
these that attracted me so much.
am amazed with the one who wrote it on a whiteboard.
even i do not know what it is written,
but i admired the artistic element in these wordings.

another that attracted me in class,
vandalism type of expression.

the artist who drew it,
it is quite nice that he/she only used pencil
he/she able to drew on the smooth and squeaky surface of the table.

then, after class, while waiting for dailou,
we began our photoshooting again?
Yeah, we just fall in love with the camera.

this is me, wondering,
how come, UTAR,
such someone are able to be final year students lecturer..
plus with such marking scheme,
still wondering........

forgetting about the sad purplish case,
our feet became our attention.
Yeah, she is able to make the peace sign with her toes!
this is going to be a record..
a PISS record~

this is me again, with my reflection..
thinking about the purplish case again.

soon, the lady in red are back to join the fun.
we are creating another movie poster since the The Unspoken Words.

this time, SEPARATED.

the story evolved in the century of 1800s..
where two ladies love posing with poles.
and they are identified as the..
( ~it is a canto-movie~)


in another unrelated story..

KAMPAR: A mermaid was found walking with a pair of sport shoes in a local campus. According to a local student, the mermaid is said to be able to jump and she possessed a pair of fat legs.

Then the mermaid is saw leaning on a pole. It is understandable that she is tired as it was her first time having a pair of legs. Sources from World Wildlife Organization, this is a rare case that a fish is possessing a pair of active legs. The authorities had made a decision to capture this unique mermaid and placing her under protected animal.

Name: Fisha Fish
Weight: Secret
Length?: 1.6 metres
Species: Sakana-sapien


back to reality.
this is us.
while waiting for the HOD, we again.
Doing what we will do as usual.

Yes, again.
We posed.
With dailou as our photographer.

This is me

my smile..just hard to be natural.

* a day *
** with ups & down **


Lemonade said...

yea~ i love the writing in the white board too..

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