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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fishy Journey 2

Dear Students

All students will have to be present for your respective tutorials even if you have finished your presentation as I will be giving out your Mid-term results if you want them.

I am holding these until then for fear of emotional outbursts.

This is my ugliest task and loathe doing it.

You will see it, absorb and return the script for recording. If it is not returned your mark will not be recorded and it will not be reflected in your 40% coursework mark in the final score.

The score is final and I will not entertain any ......

Ah, ah!

Sincerely yours


this that i read.

this that i feel down and angry.

this that i am dissapointed.

such message was post in my WBLE along with my other coursemates.

by someone who taught us a 4 credit subject.

plus it is an important paper for our course, PR, as well.

as a final year student, doing her 1st trimester, wondering the ability of herself in studying or answering midterm and assignments.

is that such ugly?

why no one tell her this previously?


is it someone is being somehow bias, stereotype, revenge, lost,

while evaluating those?

which should i choose?

dissapointed when this is occurring to me and my fellow coursemates.

going to end the trimester with a final paper which she was finally unbarred

and able to sit for it.

now fearing the possibilities of decreasing her CGPA for such an important subject.

fear, disappointment, are blessings in disguise. (i guess)

am trying to be positive with life.

am trying to hold my emotions as well.

afraid getting it all blow when meet her.

dear God, please be with me.

i need your mercy.


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