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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fishy Journey 1

Waking up sweating. It is none other than Kampar, I am at. Sleeping and sweating at the same time. Does it burn any calories?? Wish it did. ^^.

The night before, was feeling so tired. It felts like rheumatism. Problems affecting joints and connective tissue which usually happens on old people. Am I experiencing immature aging? Days before raining, the pain came. Seems like a weather report my joints are behaving.

And the night before was a night where a friend of mine came to visit me. He was such a nice guy that every girl wish to have. While for me, he is a friend that I could not afford to lose. Felt so guilty as he always suffered from my emotional outbursts whenever I am stress, down, emo and angry.

Thank God for such blessing. These that made me to think and solving the problems in my journey to be a better person.

Then it was the closing ceremony for a friend's birthday, Justin. Crazy and funny as always our way of celebrating friend's birthday. And first time me buying snacks and Tongkat Ali coffee as present for a friend. It was bought to support him as he will be rushing for his assignments for the night.

Then return to my sweet aquarium. Was feeling so full, yet I could not resist the appealing chee cheong fun from Teluk Intan, which was bought by my friend. Yummy it is, and I love it! Together with it, was a glass of 7-up + W. Been practising to be alcohol-allergy free. Still on the way, and believe it will overcome this allergies of mine.

Then I head to bed while my dear next door rushing for her FYP. Pity her only managed to sleep for three hours. Lately we have been having weird sleeping hours.

Thank God for everything, that He let us to have rest even for three hours.


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