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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fishicipe 3

I learn to cook since I was 12 years old? There are a lot of experiments conducted, failures, successes, and even some that ended with accidents. However, it will not stop me from keep cooking to satisfy the large appetite of mine.


Experiment 1
  • Tomyam Fried Rice, that ended up so wet and the paste just won't mix with the rice evenly.
  • Result in tomyam paste-ty fried rice with extra gravy.
  • Rating by my beloved younger bro.. 0.5 out of 10
He just begged me to let him go from testing it.
Therefore I alone, ate the whole kuali of rice.
Quite nice what, not that awful pun.

Experiment 2

  • Gullingao, that ended up like kuih as I forgot the step where sugar need to be include before putting in the gullingao's powder.
  • Results in gullingao kuih that cannot be eaten as it is so bitter when the sugar does not mix evenly.
  • Rating by my beloved younger ratings.
He just laughed at me, wondering why his sis so noob.
My mum knew about it then, and mumbling as I wasted the whole packet of gullingao powder.
My dad also knew about it from my mum, and he had the same reaction like my younger bro.

~to be continued in ma' next post~

This is one simple meal that I eat almost everyday in Kampar.

Tomyam Meehoon wit' Veggies only
(recommended for people on diet like me)

1) Boiling water

2) Instant Meehoon
Fatima, purchased at TESCO Kampar.

3) Red tomato

4) China Cauliflower

5) Australian Carrot

6) Soft tofu
Purchased at TESCO Kampar too.

7) Fried Anchovies
Sponsored by lovely housemate, Zing, her mum made for her.

Spicy tomyam for a hot afternoon at Kampar.

Yummy Yummy


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