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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fishicipe 2

I am one coffee-addict since 12 years old. Nature or nurture? I am not sure about this, as my mummy is one coffee-addict too. The most I drank was 6 cups in a day, not in a row but within 24 hours. Crazy as others said I was, that time was studying like a nerd for STPM, Chemistry paper~ Now still I am drinking it at least one cup a day. I would feel weird if I miss a sip of it.

And I only drink coffee with milk, not kopi-o. I cannot take kopi-o at all, hate the taste. Just love milky coffee, and not too sweet or bitter.

Coffee brand, cincai. As long as I am afford, I would choose powder. But I will try on the coffee-maker next time, with the granules and all. For sure it taste better. Can't wait for it. ^^

And below is how I make my own cup of coffee at home.

~ the preparation of fisha's fav kopi panas ~

1) Coffee powder

2) Sugar..two small tablespoons

3) Coffeemate..two small tablespoons

4) Hot water..100 degree Celscius

sip sip sip


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