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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~learning to love~

this that i wonder lately.
how was it like to get betrayed, disrespect, lied, shouted, so all negative actions were on you.

does it hurt u so much that it will last forever?
i might get annoyed for maybe around, 24hours to the max?

and on the 25th hours, what happen yesterday??
something big i guess, but i do not really wish to recall neither.

yes it will be if u allows it to be.

The moment we are complaining about who and who scolded u
(like u never did on others?)

who and who forgotten about ur birthday
(as if u are so important)

who and who ill-talked about u
(u heard from someone else, and u create the hell imagination out off a simple sentence)

who and who lied to u regarding this and that
(as if they need to report to u on whatever they do)

things does not happen the way u want, and u start posting emo status on facebook
(like it is the end of the world, and u wish someone will know who u are referring to)

the one who are close to u do not share his/her secrets with u
(as if they are required to share with u)

imagining all kind of evil stuffs regarding who and who going to treat u
(like u are so important that they will waste their time thinking ways to harm u)

angelic as u always are, devil as others are born
(as if u did the correct things all the time and mistakes does not appear in ur life)

the one u like, does not like u, and he/she is wrong for not replying ur messages
(ran of credit cannot? who u think u are?)


the moment u are so down with all these circumstances, so call, in ur life..
what is actually happening to the world??

a child with not even a proper trouser to wear since he was born..
dying from thirst and hunger..
lying on the road begging for food or a drop of clean water..
carrying his younger siblings to look for food for their mothers..

an orphan without love from someone who are close to him..
without a friend that he could clearly announce as friend in his life..
sitting alone in the playground with no one pushing the swing for him..
looking at other happy families smiling happily together...

someone who are detained, abused, tortured, killed, harassed,
someone living in fear of war,
someone belongs to an abusive family,
someone getting beaten everyday from someone evil,
someone who are abducted and yet to be freed,
wondering the chances of reuniting with his/her family.....

u still groaning with ur tiny unsatisfactory?
moaning over a simple argument with ur lover, family, friends?

if yes, i have nothing else to comment.

if no, to me, at least, u deserve to live.

when we know and learn how to appreciate simple things in life,
that's when the world is turning to better place,
as less for one to contribute in more anger, frustration, tears of unhappiness,
but extra laughter, smiles, cheerful faces that hold someone's elses heart

this is the basic step we need to take
in order for a better world for others and us

be grateful with what u have now
and learn to appreciate them when u still keeping them
as u might not know what will happen in the next second

I learn to love myself before i learn to love u.


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