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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Genting Ma Treasure Island of Memories

Arrival at the lobby.

Then we became the attention of our camera. Ciak ciak ciak.

We keep posing and the camera just LOVE us!

While waiting, we bought some finger food.

Then at moment we are heading to the lifts, these clowns stopped us.
Simply because they LOVE us.
They requested for pictures with us.
Sigh, this is always happening, we just do not know how to reject.

We checked in. We head for our stomach's saviour.

Then we ordered nice drinks.

Toshi enjoying his cuppa tea. Been mixing too much with someone that made him so lou hang.

We crave for meat. We ordered this after we smelt the fragrance from next table.

Then unexpected fried nice that turned up so nice in a wooden box.

This coconut, reminded me some awful taste.
As I ate the sulphure that made the fire previously.
Learnt a lesson, not to become too wai sik next time.

But, the gravy of this order is nice. It made us keep ordering extra bowls of rice.

Eggplant can be served in such a nice way.
Tastes so good.

Vietnam is famous for this.

After eating, we began our photo-whoring again.
With people sitting and eating there, looking at us. ^^

We tried and snapped in different angles.

And we just keep trying.

We turning professionals.

Ta daaaaa! Nice poster for our movie, The Unspoken Words

Tired of snapping ourselves, the surrounding became our target.

Before I proceed, this is Toshi, ,my lovely cat.

This is me. Pretending to be in candid. I posed.

Lanterns that caught my attention.

Yes, I LOVE the lanterns.

Again, I snapped the lanterns.

Then upon leaving the house, I took one name card, simply because it is nice.

We returned to our penthouse and started to look into our reflections.

We began, our photo shooting.

It was great experience taking pictures in this 5-star studio.

We are just so natural in posing.

Whoever interested in recruiting us, do call 012-3209 ****



We are there, for HER.

Yeah!!! Sammi is just great. She danced, sang, danced, sang.
NON STOP!! salute her!

We were too high. Act stupidly before leaving as the exit are so jam and packed.

Then, we proceed back to our lovely mansion. Eikkkkk...what the?

While we were at the Arena, he....chopped...

They...laugh wickedly at....

These two cruel......stared...and.....

They rape the W and chopped W into two pieces.
But it was so kind of them, they pray for W with two big red candles.

People heading home, they ran and hide.

Oh gosh! This is the victim.
She cried, she screamed, she laughed.
??? weird ???


I shall declared the case closed!!!

We celebrated in our mansion with 10 people inside.
We are just slim~

After celebration, its FUN TIME!!! woohoo~
Time for vandalising Genting!

While walking, we saw one ah mou and one ah mui.
They seems to be in love, very in love.!

we arrived! And started our vandalism!

Fireworks were burn for 15 minutes and cost around RM 15,000.
It is a wonderful show. Limited only to US. A private function though.

We have invited Bruce from Malaysia as our guest of honour.

And he brought few of his .... girlfriends? or aunties?

While the show is on, we found two apek sitting down there.
Must be beh tahan the crowd, feeling dizzy leh apek?
Sit sit sit...

They love the photographer.

Obviously, they hate the photographer. Spot who and who ok?

Soon, the fireworks show ended. The group of VIPs marched back.

And they gave a salute at the middle of the road, for no reason.
I wonder what they saw at that certain time..spooky..

US. We just love photo taking.

We planned for a mob. It went well until...

One apek came out from no where, peeping us from quite a close distance.
??? weird apek ???
People, beware! Genting have a lot of these apek!

Soon, the apek left. And our mob ended, with people looking at us strangely.
Yet, it started with 9 , ended with 3.

Second day~ Waking up with swollen eyes and pale complexion.
Someone asked me to make up for him~~ so oi leng~
And we cam-whore again.

We just know when to smile, where to look at.
Professionals? Sure.

Then, we heard our stomach growling..angrily..
So we check out and head to HAINAN KITCHEN.
This..Toshi's brunch.

This..Fish's food. Healthy leh?

This..Winnie's brunch...NOT FRESH..NO GOOD..

This..for three vegans..who craved for veggies after too much meat yesterday..

Greeny veggies.. YUMMY

Finished our brunch, we head to Highland Hotel for a bus that will brings us to CHIN SWEE TEMPLE.
But the bus past by us and did not stop. Wtf!!

So we cam-whored again, as the camera keep calling us.

Second poster after the first.

See me fly, I want to fly up high~

And someone just can't control his butt, keep asking her hand to touch it.
Sigh, this happens most of the time.
People loves me touching their butt~

And that is the end of ma wonderful trip that
holds a large capacity in my fish-hard disk (fish's brain)~

The trip involved 10 pretty chicks and handsome hunks;

1. Winnie Chen (the birthday girl)

2. Toshi (the cat)

3. Su Ping (the ss queen)

4. Christina (the sweety)

5. Wai Pooi (the chicken eater)

6. Danie-Lap (the Bruce @ ah mou)

7. Aikies Tan (the apek)

8. Rayson Wong (the million dollar man)

9. Li Li (the ah mui)

10. Sammi Cheng (the guest of honour)


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