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Monday, January 4, 2010

~my feelings~

Complicated as it is.
Could not find a reason to think properly as well now.
Will people change just in a second?
When there is too much distraction, seduction, occurring in front of them?

Distraction ..
that prevent us from seeing clearly what is upon us;
that block us from judging the rights from wrongs;
that disturb our concentration.

Seduction ..
that slowly attract us to the other side which we aren't suppose to be;
that confuse us with dozens of pros and cons;
that only leads us to a blunt end.

Can we survive in plain atmosphere minus these two evil thingy?
Yes o no, it is up to our own decision.


When it comes to LOVE, can one stay loyal, faithful, honest all the time?

Yes o no, it depends on how the story goes.

When the narrator stops, it show the begins of another story.
When the characters stops acting, the story is concluding.
When the all stops giving, for sure it will come to an end.

Whether its an end, or a beginning, its all depends on US.


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