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Thursday, November 12, 2009

tiredness still

Past 6 hours, I woke up at last after 6 alarms trying waking a sleepy fish. Normally, it needs maximum two hours for the mermaid to prepare for her day before swimming in the ocean of Kampar.

Enjoying myself? Truly are, as LIFE is to be enjoyed.
Going for my tutorial in few minutes time.

...CLASS ends, back to my sweet aquarium. Continuing this post of mine.

Waiting time to pass, to reach Ocean Hours: 1900, my class's first Steamboat Dinner.

For so long, since 2008 January until now, this would be me, Fish and a group of fishes, my classmates, swimming outta our sea, to find for food together.

Destination: Kampar Best Restaurant
Address: 21 & 21A, Jalan Siswa, Taman Kampar Siswa, 31900 Kampar, Perak.
Tel: 05-466 3084

Hoping we would safely swims forward and look for food~~ nice.

On the other hand, to share my ocean hours moments from 1400-1630.
Brand Management Tutorial.

Fishes Tutor: Miss Gatri
Location: B 110A, UTAR

Me, Fish, together with my cute and sweet fishmates, NieNie, Lili, and RianRian. Together four of us, began our ocean journey from shoes to fire and from fire back to shoes.

Silly we are while travelling, we were stopped by Miss Gatri, that fire are harmful to us.
Disappointed four fishes, slowly swam towards their ship and ended their fire thoughts.


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