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Sunday, November 15, 2009

~ Last and Separation ~

Highlighting 2012, world is gonna turn into a small particle again. It will be the end for Earth, true? It is depending on how we are perceiving it.

To some, it may be a good news, as they are suffering day to day from hunger, love and peace.

To some, it may be a bad news, as they are enjoying the luxuries from food to entertainment.

To me, it may be a day I would be so curious to find out, what would really happens.

Going to end our life in simple flood or earthquake or even explosion of a dead volcano? It is all still unknown.


Lets us see from this point of view,

Try imagine we left 776 days to live.. What can we do?

Feeling fear? Fear not, as we know the days left, so we can now plan our schedule on what we wanna achieve within these days.

Feeling lost? Don't so, as we know where we are heading after 776 days later, so we can now feel free to travel, even without a map.

fear and lost no more!

We are heading to a happier life! We are going to better a place named

While to some, scaring being separated from their loved ones would their biggest fear.

While for me, why scared? We are heading to the same destination what. Meet up there is not a problem.

Enjoy and live happier than yesterday is what we need to put in mind.
Given 776 days more to enjoy, short but not, long enough for one to tell you,
that I love you.


MYY said...

That's are very positive. Keep it up.

FISH said...

dear myy,

thanks, and lets be positive together!

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